To complement your beverage, Dineen offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options. Whether it's for a quick breakfast, a snack between meetings, or lunch, we have a variety of freshly made products to suit the discerning pallet. Come in and try our pastries, delicious quiche and sandwich baguettes, or a cool mixed berry or honey parfait.


With an impressive selection cupcakes, brownies, tarts and more, our baked goods are sure to please every taste bud.


Start the day off right, with one of our healthy parfait options. Our freshly baked pastries are also sure to please.


Drop by during lunch time to have one of our delicious sandwiches. Our rotating options, including Ham and Swiss, Turkey and Brie, Tuna and Apple Brie and Walnut are made fresh daily.

Fruit and Yogurt

Made fresh every morning, our parfaits are made with fresh berries or with honey. Our wholesome granola will not disappoint.